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  Matti Siivola

 What am I doing at the University?

I am Master of Science. My major was applied mathematics. Nowadays (since 1986) am working in the Department of Public Health at University of Helsinki. I am a chief system analyst. Starting from 2010 The deparment became a department of Hjelt-institute

Some older projects

I used to work at a research project called Adolescent Health and Lifestyle
Survey which has moved to university of Tampere (Text in Finnish: Nuorten terveystapatutkimus). I developed a software package to collect data from survey forms, which utilized bar codes.  More than 150 000 questionnaire forms have been coded with the software.

After that I have worked on a couple of other projects, for example a clinical study called "supplementary feeding in maternity hospitals and cow's milk allergy". The study comprises 6209 infants and was carried out in three maternity hospitals in the Helsinki region and in the Hospital for Children and Adolescents, University of Helsinki. Later I have worked for the Finnish Twin Study.


Picture. My wife is Sinikka. My brother Veikko has also a web page.


My main hobby is playing Go.  I have written a go book with Lauri Paatero.  It has been published by Like. Recently I started blogging about old go memories. Other interests are sailing, playing guitar, puzzles, some easier games etc.

How to find me

Working room 1234
    +358 2941 27394 (work)
    PL 41 (Kytösuontie 9)
    00014 Helsingin yliopisto